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I've checked the framerate guide on this forum. However, all of those recommendations are for low performance system, and this is a brand new problem with no change in hardware.

my system is as follows:
AMD 640 Propus quad-core

I had not logged into STO for a few days. Before i logged in yesterday, i downloaded the latest nvidia drivers - 295.73 - and then went through the login process..

It was only sheer luck that I survived a ground mission, it was pathetic. I have never seen STO(or any game) with such low performance. I noticed this stuttering happens in space as well, but it's not as pronounced.

I uninstalled the new drivers and rolled back to my old ones. It still stutters. Testing two different driver sets leads me to the conclusion that it is a problem with a recent STO patch.

I realize nvidia has a long history of stuttering with STO, but when i submitted a ticket in game, it never showed up(yes, I clicked refresh.) Can anyone at all shed some light on how long it takes to fix these problems with another STO patch? STO is basically the only game I play.