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03-06-2012, 07:28 AM
why not add them to crafting, but require edc and/or salvage to make? This way u can line your pockets with the dilithium sales as well

Seems the only solution to this would be to present cryptic with an option to 'cash out' because the way its set up is to force someone to play and play and play the same 6 maps over and over to have a chance to get what they want.

Buying/crafting from/with edc and salvage at least gives ppl something to work towards, even if they are horribly unlucky, they know after x runs they can get SOMETHING. The way its set up as is, one just see's how many it took 'most' to get the item, and either decide if they feel lucky(And keep trying) or just move on(IE: other games)

Oh and just incase the guys working this game aren't sure, people moving to other games means those 'other games' get any cash the player may have spent here.