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Sorry I accidently posted this in the wrong sub forum. I have reposted this in the "Duty Officer System" area, so this post can just be deleted, or closed by a Mod.

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On Doff Missions and the New Commodities

I am curious about what other people are thinking and what they are doing with regards to all the missions that are available to SUPPLY the six new commodities that you can only get through missions.

I am talking about Jevonite, Shapeshifting Lockets, Tulaberries, Ferasan Nepata Leaves, and the other two which I can't remember off hand?

I just turned down a very rare mission to supply 25 shape lifting lockets because I know how hard it was to collect them and I know I will need them for other missions that unlock chains. Sure it was some juicy points for 8 hours, but to give up 25 shapeshifting lockets in one click and not use them for a mission that unlocks a mission chain that ends in gaining a consumable simply did not make any sense?

Buying these commodities off the exchange is cost prohibotive for most people at current prices and the number of missions that pop up wanting you to just burn these commodities is staggering.

I personally have been avoiding those particular Doff mission like they were the plague.

How have you been handling this issue?