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03-06-2012, 11:45 AM
Originally Posted by Mavairo
4 DHCs is incredibly powerful for CSV fire as the fourth cannon makes up for the loss of damage difference of not using Rapid Fire.

3 DHC and a DBB is also very strong. Right now there's a problem with torp flight speed in combat so I can't really recommend the old 3 DHC and Torp option, also torps have had a pretty significant stealth nerf to their accuracy.
Torps with HYT at least have half of the volley hit 75% of the time. With the BO I am getting 50% misses with acc x 3 beams. I had this discussion in OPvP. The only thing not affected by the accuracy nerf is FaW which I think is wrong. If accuracy is going to be a mechanic that is going fubar offensive skills it should also factor into projected or launched CC and support skills. I mean if a ship has to luach a probe at me to initiate TR or GW then logic would dictate that it can't hit its target 100% of the time. If a beam array can't hit a target 7km away then would would an ES be 100% accurate.