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03-06-2012, 01:29 PM
It was the rank 9 "Bridge Officer Award". I was given a choice of 3 characters when I went to earth spacedock, I don't recall what the other choices were (one was a klingon science officer I think).

EDIT: It's not making a huge difference.

Right now I have the Borg from the c store, the efficient saurian, and my captain (Efficient Captain + Warp Theorist).

Base settings: 25/50/25/100

Result: 27/51/28/115 (I'm flying a science vessel)

So it's resulted in +2 weapons, +1 shield, +2 engines (I have a +1 engine power console)

But I also don't have any of the warp core effiency or subsystem efficient skills trained either.