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03-06-2012, 03:07 PM
Add my list to the complainers some here, especially with the Cardy boxes that are CLEARLY replacing loot tables in STFs, rather than working in conjunction. I see on average 8 - 10 boxes, for every 1 or 2 proper regular drops. Nevermind the fact I truly believe at this point, that the end run loot tables are badly skewed, as some players in my Fleet that I am with, barely see prototype drops, while I myself have nearly outfitted every cruiser I have, in mk XIIs.

Yes, you read the last part right. I sense there's more than a hint of luck involved in the loot tables, and the math behind it all clearly is broken, or more likely to my conspiring eye, steered in some code mathematical way. It's bad enough that invisible one shot torps, and suddenly automatic team drops that kill coordination in runs, are bugging STFs anymore, but the loot table problem IS a big fat problem. Given I suspect the devs are too focused on newer content once again, and have completely ignored STFs in general once again, there needs to be a louder community shout to fix all of this.

Something I swear to heaven, is badly off here. I make this complaint on the behalf of the community, the part that is shafted by the loot table and bug situation here.