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03-06-2012, 03:53 PM
Originally Posted by flyingwaffle123
Question: Does Photonic Officer apply to any cooldowns already on when you activate it? Or only while the officer ability is active? I.e. if I use CPB then Photonic Officer, will it affect the already active CPB cooldown? Or would photonic officer have to be active first?
Using Photonic Officer after an ability will reduce the ability's CD, but it won't be the full reduction, more like a reduction on the current remaining CD. This does make Photonic more useful as it can then be used as a reactive ability when everything goes to heck

On the other note, generic Kinetic tactical consoles buffs Grav Well and Photonic Shockwave? Now that's an interesting tibbit which I need to follow up on my LRSV-R to see if it is feasible to have an effective sci-based ship rather than a 'Sci-scort' like my RSV.