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# 2 could it be?
03-06-2012, 04:27 PM
Hi bishopguardian,

have another game that also have this "stuttering" problem. I solved it with:

right click on desctop

calibration for your nvidea

in the part of 3D calibration, in the drop field search for the STO client. If not in, there is a button right side of it and search for it manual. Now you put in the STO client for 3D calibrations. Search in the Calibration field with many parts for it like: antialising, gamma effects, and more the "vertical synchronisation" and deactivate it.

In some games the deactivated VS give a performance boost of up to 60 - 80 FPS. (This was my problem in another old game)

Hope it was the problem.

Check also your direct x drivers, not that they got damaged with any sorts of install / deinstall and so on. The way's of MS are sometimes.. ^^