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Originally Posted by wiipe View Post
With plasma, you can kill your enemies without that much touching their shields at all, it may be slow... but what's the hurry. Regarding PvP one could argue that despite the cruisers supportive rather than dps-dealing role, every dps counts.. but let's allow me to keep my happiness from this nice spring day and not make this an discussion about that.

I'll take your advice about Flow Regulators though, thanks.

But yeah, you're right. Replying to your post was more difficult than my project management exam earlien today at school. Huh. The bottom line is that plasma isn't the best choice. I still like it more than the mentality about getting the job done as fast as possible. I play to play, it means having fun and plasma is the most fun damage type in the game. Like I said in the beginning of my reply, shields mean nothing against plasma, nor does time againts freedom. Plasma is a way of life!
Plasma has one very big disadvantage to it - the Borg use it. That means everyone and their brother has armor for it.

That said, it has a very big advantage as well - it's cheap on the Exchange. To get your first foothold into the Mk XI/XII realm of weaponry, you can afford a set of 6-8 Mk XI plasma beam arrays for less than one Mk XII beam of another type might cost. I don't know if the other weapon types are the same, but I imagine they are. Although I wouldn't stick with it forever, the first thing a recently-promoted admiral ought to consider doing is picking up a full set of these for low cost increased DPS.

Just my opinion, though.