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03-06-2012, 05:10 PM
greetings to all! first of all, excuse my poor english, is not my native language most parts are self learned hehe.. well, to the point....

a few days ago i made my first KDF officer (im F2P), i just LOVE my BoP, she is like a Navy Seal Sniper with a Barrett!.... in my FED officer i use a Sovvy (TAC), in KDF im an (ENG), i have read a few BoP build guides, and i was thinking to use Disruptor DHC, and Disruptor Beam arrays, with that combo i can have beam overload, and rapid fire... and i want to use some torpedo (i need an advice here) to use the high yield (all that combined with their own consoles, and buff)

i decided to use that kind of combo because i need to deliver as much damage i can do in very short time, and of course when im uncloacked be well protected relatively...

what do you think?

thx in advance, and again sorry my poor english!