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03-06-2012, 05:46 PM
It's a damn shame that it's not counted accurately. Specially for sci skills. I'd like to see persistent stats on everything, but alas, pvp does not exist for Cryptic.

Escorts and Cruisers get all the high damage and healing numbers respectively. But some things don't count for sci numbers. Skills like CPB, which causes enormous AoE damage on shields if specced right, doesn't cause a lick of damage on the meter.

A long time ago, it was even more vague. The only numbers that counted in the beginning of STO were things that affected HULL ONLY. Every shield heal or shield damage didn't count for numbers.

This pic was from a 30+minute premade vs premade match back in the day.. In today's terms the numbers look weak.

Looks weird, doesn't it? Ultime was an escort... 13 healing, lol. And his damage makes no sense for being the top dpser on our team, even if he was focused a lot, but that's how skewed hull only numbers looked back then.