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03-06-2012, 09:03 PM
Originally Posted by Redstar_swe
Welcome As far as torpedos goes I personally like quantums since they pack a punch, although I believe Photons have a somewhat lower cooldown.
The tac consoles should focus on + disruptor damage since that will be your main weapons, so avoid +kinetic/ +projectile-consoles.

I am currently investigating an all torpedo BoP, aka a torpedo boat, and I have been yielding some success.

Welcome to the KDF, may you live and die in honor Enjoy
thx for the reply!, i guess with a torp boat, you have kinentic consoles... what torps are you using? i think using HYT, when i melt the shields of the target (NPC or Human Fed xD) whit the disruptor cannons and beam bank, i think thats the general idea... im planning using disruptors always... i have AP beams in my fed...