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03-06-2012, 10:39 PM
I like the idea but a dialog tree would be too difficult to implement given the varieties of BO there are.

I would like to see some randomized personalities or personalities based on a selected chose from BO creation/ tailor.

I wouldn't mind having BO quarters on my crew deck. And all the quarters will be random and based on the BO's species. I want to see some place similar to 7of9 place on Voyager for my Borg BO.

And the mini-mission idea is great! They'll come up randomly and are different based on the species. You may have to play match making for your Vulcan going through Pon Farr (No combat or combat to the near death depending on how you go about the mission), your Borg BO has some repressed memory or collective problems (you may go into the hive mind to help him/her out), your Andorian BO is bored and challenges you to a friendly game of close combat, your photonic BO is having some questions about sentient life, a random BO is interested in Earth literature and you go into a Sherlock Holmes or Shakespeare holodeck program.

The possibilities are endless and they can even outsource these missions as a foundry contest and the users to make most of it.