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# 1 My ody build
03-07-2012, 12:10 AM
First off i run a shield/tank with some ok dps so i run weapons at 119 power my shields are at 89 engines at 30 and aux at 73 i run 2 antiproton beam arrays xii crit dmg for 1 dual beam bank xii crit dmg for one xii quan torp crit dmg for aft i run 3 xii antiproton beam array xii crit dmg and quan xii i have full maco xii set eng i run 3 neutronium armor plating xi 1 tetraburnium xi (all my stuff is rare or very rare) sci i run 2 field gens for some reason when i take one off i lose 2300k shield points so yah... borg uni console thing thing and for tac console i use xi rare antiproton mags 2 buffs am eng so have lots of shield dmg and hull dmg res abl buff are tac faw 1 spread 2 uni ltcmdr eng eng team 1 eptsif epts 3 for cmdr eng buffs i use epts 1aux to inertial damp 1 reverse shield pol 2 and directed energy mod 3 sci hazard 1 tss 2 sci ensign sci team 1 57940 hull 13k shield 7.6 turn rate etc...