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03-07-2012, 12:21 AM
I was using 3 rapid reload transphasic torpedos acquired from the Breen mission Cold comfort or cold call, can't remember, and then I used the Breen transphasic cluster launcher. I am changing this outfit though to 4 different torpedos since I couldn't spam the RR's as much as I would have wanted. We have a discussion about torp bops in this thread:

I will be running with 1 quantum, one hargh'peng, one breen cluster and then my bio-neural warhead. And yes, kinetic consoles are the only ones logical with this setup. The 2 aft weapons I haven't decided on yet, perhaps a chroniton to screw up the enemies turn rate.

The trick is not to use any cannons or beams, in our +1 b'rel BoP we can fire while cloaked, but only torps. The idea is to stay cloaked as long as possible and hit & run.