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03-07-2012, 02:34 AM
Tet Glider Nerf was not necessary other then to stop the PvP'ers from QQ.

I use it now and with JUST the 2 piece bonus ALONE and it barely makes a difference.

I swapped out the Omega Force Dish for the Jem'Hadar one that provides a bonus to Flow Cap's and it still is only providing a -30'ish to shield drain per weapon. Not to mention I lost the full bonus of the OF set now; so there goes my Grav Anchor attack(which you should of probably Nerfed instead in the first place it's so crazy strong).

I also have ZERO points in Flow Cap skills. Nor do I use Flow Cap SCI consoles (no one will, the trade off is giving up shield strength..).

So even with Flow Cap maxed to level 9 in skills, x2 XI Rare Flow Cap SCI Consoles, Jem'Hadar Dish AND the DOFF buff in Flow Cap, your still not going to get much more, and the trade off's your giving up to have all that Flow Cap is just not realistic. No one will run that kinda setup. OF gear is looked down upon so much compared to MACO and now you do this!?

Un-Nerf the Nerf. The QQ'ers always had a defense(Power Insul.) against Tet Glider, they just didn't want to give up their SCI slots and or skills for it. Now they don't even need to anymore and can use something else... Thanks, that really solved nothing AT ALL.