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03-07-2012, 04:53 AM
Originally Posted by dribyelruh View Post
That's your problem. Why the hell wouldn't you run nine points into flow capacitors? It's uber cheap. Run some polarons and you can buff the energy drain proc too, as well as the drain on target subs.

Nobody is going to run the Jem'Hadar dish (lol), but they'll do the rest. People get up to 90 drain in PvP. It's free shield damage that completely ignores resists, even at 1/2 the current rate it would still be completely valuable.

Seriously, PvErs get all kind of sad when their crutches are removed (or in this case, slightly weakened), spacebyar FTW bro!
My points are spent elsewhere cause I don't run Pewlarons, I don't need Tet Glider to bust shields in PvE either.

Seriously, PvPrs get all kinds of angry when their FOTM build dies. Stack Power Insul's (resists from shield/power/sub drains..Borg dish, Jem'Hadar bonus now stop QQing cause that's your problem. OMGOP threadz FTW bro.

(enough with the spacebar jokes, its old; like your build)