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Had this idea during a discussion on another board.

We all know the Sovereign is overdue for a refit.

Besides being in need of a visual overhaul to make it look more like what appeared on screen and a venturefied version as an alternate skin, it needs a special ability:

The First Contact signature 4x torpedo volley.

You can't do that atm because you lack a LC tac station.

So my suggestion would be to give the +1 a Quad Quantum launcher that would fire either standard quantum torpedos or a special quad salvo.

The salvo should not be the same as the High Yield version.

I imagine it to have a slightly longer cooldown than HY3 and a lower overall damage per torp. Additionally i'd like it to have a chance for a DoT proc.

Should probably not be compatible with standard BO HY and Torpedo Spread to not make it overpowered but should at least share a global cooldown with them.

Don't take me apart for missing any obvious obstacles in gameplay mechanics and balance issues.

This is a first draft idea and am sure can be tweaked to give the refit an interesting unique ability without pulling a lolconsole out of somebody's behind.