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03-07-2012, 07:30 AM
I think it all depends what you will do with your BoPÖ I assume you are going to do both PvP and PvE (so I am trying to give a configuration good for both), I would go with 3 DHC and one Dbl Beam Bank in front and either 2 beams (try having a mix of acc and crth combination) in back or one beam and one torp. Since you are an engi, you will lack the tac burst damage and the only way to compensate would be through Beam Overload, this is why I would go with a front DBB and Beam(s) back. I would also have 2 BO3 Boffs (you need to buy those from Exchange - if you dont have the energy credits now, wait till you do, they definitely worth). Use nad inversion and eps (your engi class specific abilities) in tandem with a tractor beam (it will greatly help in not missing the target with beam overload)and beam overload. This combo is a killer when you use it right and have at least 6 levels in Weapon Proficiency to increase your crits (and it is not my idea to be honest, it is Husanakís but I know it is a killer, lol). Good part as an engi is that you wonít need so many heals as a tac, so I would have the following layout as BOffs:
Commander(tac): TT1, CRF1 , BO3, APO3
Lt Commander(tac): TT1, CRF1/Torp Spread2 in case you use torps, BO3
Lt (sci):Haz/Pol Hull (in case you find yourself tractored too much), Tractor beam2/Haz2
Lt(Eng):EPS1, Eps2/Aux To Struct1
* if you dont have BO3 officers yet, swap CRF1 with BO2 and BO3 with CRF2.

If you decide to use torps, I would go with chronitron, they slow pretty darn well and you can use your beam overload better (accuracy increases since lower speed decreases defense). Your point is to slow the target as much as you can, then hit it with cannons and beam overloads. Another tip from Husanak is this: Since Beam overloads share a global 15 sec cooldown, you activate first BO3, wait 15 secs (this way the second BO3 exits global cooldown), hit fire beams, then immediately hit BO3 again and fire your second BO3 (so in few seconds you have fired 2 BO3, which is pretty mean). If you have your nad inv, EPS(this ensures your power level stays high in between firing the Beam Overloads) and tractor on target, itís a guaranteed kill. To do that though, you may need another key bind for fire beams, to make sure they donít fire with cannons. Also, donít forget to bind the power settings to something you can switch fast, for example when you are cloaked, stay on max Aux to avoid detection (so switch between attack and aux).

Try this, if you donít like it, then donít use it. Its all about what you like, not what ppl say. I would also advice you (if not too late) to get a tac in a bop, the damage you deal is much better. Even a sci is better in a BoP than an engi, not that I have anything against engis, but thatís my opinion. Sci can subnuke you and wipe out all buffs you have so far, use sensor scan, photonic fleet, etc, and I know at least couple awesome sci captains in BoPs.

I would also try getting my hands on some play to win consoles, such as plasmonic leach Ė that gives you insane power bonuses when speced in Flow Capacitors and have some consoles equipped (20+ per each level), theta is great for StFs (almost insta kill an elite cube in combination with your BO3s Ė remember, theta is more efficient at max aux) and is great also in PvP Ė you may have some folks cursing you for using it though, lol. Also, I would not advise for using torps heavily unless you are flying a brel retro. Energy weapons do by far more damage. Hope this helps!