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03-07-2012, 06:40 AM
Originally Posted by TheWackyWombat View Post
Although I would love to see a +1 Sovy, It's your torpedo idea I'd like to comment on.

This is just my personal opinion, but I don't think that there should be ANY unique weapons on T4.5 or higher C-Store ships. They're alright for leveling lower tiers, but unless they're overpowered they'll usually need to be replaced almost immediately upon hitting VA to stay competitive.

It's like the quad phaser cannons, they're fun to have but I honestly don't know a single person that uses them at VA because MKXII dual heavies work better.

That's just my opinion.

A +1 Sovy on the other hand, I'd give my first unborn child for Personally, I think all the refit really needs is for the ensign Tac station to be bumped up to LT Tac station. Maybe some minor bonuses to shield, hull or some other stat... but it's so good right now I don't even think it's really necessary.
Well, if we get a +1, we all know it will be with that bit of extra ability. Most likely console. And if we do, i'd like it to be at least related to what we know the Sovereign can do. It's either a quad volley torp, scooping up stellar gas and blow it up in your enemies face or Fire at Will sweep to find cloaked ships.
I would prefer the torp. However you flavor it is a matter of debate, just make it not overpowered but unique.