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03-07-2012, 07:38 AM
Originally Posted by optyk View Post
My points are spent elsewhere cause I don't run Pewlarons, I don't need Tet Glider to bust shields in PvE either.

Seriously, PvPrs get all kinds of angry when their FOTM build dies. Stack Power Insul's (resists from shield/power/sub drains..Borg dish, Jem'Hadar bonus now stop QQing cause that's your problem. OMGOP threadz FTW bro.

(enough with the spacebar jokes, its old; like your build)
You are a PvE-er who whining about a fix? Fix of an overpowered set? Really? What does matter for you the stats of the sets anyway? You can do any kind of PvE with common mk VII gear at lvl51. If you need an OP gear to beat this game in PvE you sux really really badly. At least with Mk VII gear STFs are fun, not so boring as with Mk X and up. Seriously, for what do you need the Omega Set?

Btw as some guys said above ... INSULATORS DIDNT WORKED i hope you can read it now.

BTW for PvE you just need to smash the SPACEBAR and thats all