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# 5 Sovereign Refit
03-07-2012, 10:03 AM
I agree It is time for the sovereign to receive some attention inside and out. We got the defiant refute with new better interior and the quad cannons. We have refute of the galaxy and the excelsior class ships. When is the sovereign class that so many players use going to get the attention it needs? It needs a bridge and hull that looks like we last saw it in Nemesis. I think the special abilities would be great. I think it should be able to rapid fire both photons and quantums. I also really like the idea of the full phaser spread seen in Nemesis. It has been said over and over again this is a ship that was built to fight the Borg just like the defiant it is just a cruiser instead of an escort. It is suppose to be a battleship. Other than the odyssey (because it is new) it should be the all around most powerful ship. LaForge stated in First Contact that the Enterprise E was the most advanced starship in the fleet. Granted in STO that was a long time ago, but if the ship has been refitted over the years it should be much more advanced by now. It is not really where it should in comparison with the movie interior, exterior, or power.

Bottom line... It is a battleship. It should be able to take a lot of hard licks and kick a lot of major butt.