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03-07-2012, 10:07 AM
Thanks guys, I'm glad you liked it. This mission really gave itself for the multiple pathways solution.

The Demon Planet - Adventure edition worked like this as well, but the choices there were just too obvious.
You could complete that mission by not helping the colonists at all and insulting NPCs at every turn. But I doubt anyone on the Fed side played that way. So practically most players went through the same path and had the same perfect ending on the first try. So while it had replay value in theory, it was not really there in practice. Here, unlikely .

At the moment, I'm not sure the Love's Labor Jeopardized could be implemented. It was way to linear and had plotholes as big as a barn door.
The Another Fine Mess.... on the other hand had several very different endings. It also followed up the Elasi, I mean Saeli plot.