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Calling all Foundry players and reviewers!

From today until next Wednesday, March 14th, at 10AM PST, voting is open for Foundry Challenge #1!

The following is a list of submitted missions to be reviewed -- if you are going to play them and vote, I ask that you please give everyone a fair chance and play through each mission. They should all be around 30 minutes, but should be no longer than 45 minutes. If you can play ~2 missions a day, you will be able to play them all.

Once you have played through them, please send me an in-game/ forum mail with the mission you feel should win this month's challenge. Unless you play through all of the missions pretty quickly, I should not be getting votes until late this week/ early next week.

You may only vote once and may not vote for your own mission. Rallying people from your fleet/ friend group to vote for your mission is discouraged and should be apparent from the votes that come in -- encourage them to play through all of the missions and really choose the one they feel best told the story. This is all for fun, and while there is a small prize to be awarded, I know all of us are ethical, honest people

So, without future ado, here is the list of entrants (along with the background story):

Foundry Challenge #1 : Conundrum on Risa

While on shore leave on Risa, the murder of a Stahlonian diplomat takes place on the island you are visiting. This diplomat was recently involved in talks with the Federation and KDF to join forces in combating the Borg advancement in the Alpha Quadrant. The loss of this diplomat is a tradgedy, and will cause a step back in negotiations, as the Stahlonian government was already worried about getting involved.

As the most senior ranking officer on the island at the time of incident, you have been tasked with investigating the events that lead up to the murder, including finding the culprit. As you begin questioning the locals, you stumble across clues that seem to follow some sort of pattern. As the investigation continues, you begin to realize there seems to be a riddle of sorts involved.
Mission Title: Staaaahl
@Handle: @cerberusfilms
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: All levels

Mission Summary: Before the Federation came to Risa, it could be a very dangerous place, but for the past 300 years, the most serious incidents have mainly involved broken arms or pelvis's.
The suspicious death of a Stahlonian Diplomat causes people to reconsider this supposedly carefree world.
Are we seeing a re-emergence of it's dark past, or is this a wholly new threat.
Resistance Can be Futile, but on Risa, Anything's possible
Mission Title:Hollow Justice
@Handle: @Commadore_Bob
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: 31
Status: LIVE
Mission Summary: You are sent to Risa for a Borg defense conference when you are asked to investigate the murder of one of the delegates. Your investigation takes a strange turn when your primary lead is an ancient Klingon ritual that was lost to history.
Mission Title: TBD
Your @Handle: @awarkle
Faction: Federation (but may do kdf as well)
Level Requirement: all levels
Mission Summary: Shore leave is canceled when a high ranking diplomat is found dead.
Mission Title: Sacrifice
Your @Handle: Captain_Revo
Faction: Fed
Level Requirement: Any level
Mission Summary: Starfleet is engaged in a series of high level diplomatic talks across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, to address the increasingly dire Borg threat. One of the conferences on Risa is thrown into chaos when a seemingly obscure ambassador is found murdered. With the remaining ambassadors now threatening to pull out of the talks, the defence against the Borg may crumble before it has even begun.
Mission Title: Shynga Incident - Challenge #1
Your @Handle: @sbcouto
Faction: Klingon
Level Requirement: Any Level
Mission Summary:
The Klingon Empire takes advantage of Diplomatic Meetings between the Federation and the Empire against the Borg, to set up a Listening Post on the host planet of Risa.
When a Stahlonian, a diplomatic race set up to oversee the meetings, is found murdered and the Klingons are blamed, it's up to you to find the real enemy before you and your crew are sent to a Federation prison or killed in the process.
Title: The Stahlonian Candidate
Handle: @drazur_southclaw
Faction: Starfleet
Level Req. : Captain
Status: LIVE
Mission Summary:

You have been ordered to provide security support for a Peace Summit on Risa, after which you may begin a long-overdue holiday.

But between a suspicious escort mission and the murder of an Ambassador for the newly-discovered Stahlonian race, it seems your holiday must wait.
Mission Title: GOLEMS
Author: chooch99
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: Any
Mission Summary:

It begins as a typical day in Starfleet, a runaway shuttlecraft carrying the Stahlonion ambassador "Danil" on route to Risa must be stopped before it is crashed as a bomb into the island where an important delegation conference is being held, it should be easy to beam him off the shuttle but one problem exists--Stahlonions have a severe religious taboo- if one uses a transporter, they are considered "Dead" aka "Golems" walking soulless bodies that have been desecrated by the transporter.
Mission Title: Federation Desperation
@Handle: Maziken
Faction: Klingon
Level Requirement: 16+
Mission Summary:

The Federation and the Klingon Empire are conducting peace talks on Risa. The Federation hopes to form an alliance to combat the Borg forces that continue to encroach into both governments' territory. Can you help ensure that these treaty talks go smoothly or will the Borg have only limited resistance when they fully invade?
Mission Title: Risian Sunset
Your @Handle: @soriedem
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: Any Level (Orions)

Mission Summary: SHUTTLE MISSION! Your ship is enroute to Alpha Trianguli Sector Block on a mission to deliver humanitarian aide. It can not be delayed. However, Starfleet Medical has noticed a drop in your performance as of late, and has ordered you to join your duty officers for shore leave on Risa. Tagging along for the ride is the Stahlonian Ambassador, D'aa Nell. With your ship needed on an urgent mission, you have no choice but to take a small craft (Shuttle, Fighter, or Captain's Yacht) down to Risa. However, it's not long before your trip takes an unexpected turn for the worse.
Mission: "Murder Most Moul"
@handle: mygod_itsfullofstars
Faction: Starfleet
Level: Any

Summary: Your shore leave on Risa is murder!
Mission Title: Fear the Revelation
Your @Handle: @number156
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: 16 and above
Mission Summary: Following extended assignment on the Borg front, you and your crew are pulled from the lines to enjoy some much needed rest on Risa. But relaxation gets interrupted when you and your crew are called on to investigate a murder!
Visit the island of San Tropez!

Feel free to continue using this thread to discuss the missions.


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