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03-07-2012, 11:54 AM
Originally Posted by optyk View Post
My points are spent elsewhere cause I don't run Pewlarons, I don't need Tet Glider to bust shields in PvE either.

Seriously, PvPrs get all kinds of angry when their FOTM build dies. Stack Power Insul's (resists from shield/power/sub drains..Borg dish, Jem'Hadar bonus now stop QQing cause that's your problem. OMGOP threadz FTW bro.

(enough with the spacebar jokes, its old; like your build)
of course you don't need it in pve, you don't need to use any ability to complete all the pve content, except end game. thus the space bar joke. flow cap not only buffs polaron, but also tetryon, an energy type no cruiser should be without currently imo.

notice how happy we pvpers are at this change, this is a skill a lot of us use to extremely great effect and we are happy its becoming less effective. we have had not a single negative thing to say about the change, you are deflecting your anger and ignorance on us.

here's why your mad, you use abilities and skills but you don't spec for them. then we call for a nerf on a skill you think is fine or underpowered and you get all buttfrustrated and don't understand it. its because we spec correctly and slot consoles correctly and things work to greater effect then they are for you. being mad at those that know how to play is pointless, listen and you might learn something.