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03-07-2012, 02:51 PM
Originally Posted by talonzahn
OK, I'm going insane thinking about my skills. I'm sure that I read somewhere that taking them all to 9 was a waste, and to set them all to 6. However, now I can't find where I read that and I'm seeing more people posting that you *should* take them to 9.

I run alot of STF's but only Infected on Elite since it seems to be the easiest one for PUG's. Below is my ship layout and my build. The ship is a hybrid layout of the suggested stuff in the front of the thread. I seriously doubt I will change much if anything there. My main area I'd like advice on is the skills setup. The only *real* issue I have is long term survivability. I can cut through stuff no problem, but often find myself tanking for a long period of time and I just get worn down over time.

Any help would be great!
If you're happy with your build, then that's all that matters.

Not maxing the skills means you can spread them to other abilities making you a "Jack-of-All-Trades". Just be cognizant that, all things being equal, you will not be able to outperform another player in certain aspects, but outperform them in other.

For example, if you didn't max your weapon damage, someone else, all things being equal, will do more damage than you. However, your debuff or other special abilities may be better than theirs (or may even be non-existent).

EDIT: Also, looking at your build, your abilities would run outpace me in every way. My build is an all cannon build, so all of my defenses, subsystem power settings, and DPS will be higher than yours. But, I can't really support another player worth crap. Your abilities will be more effective than mine, probably keeping you alive longer (as long as you keep your buffs up).

Again, if you're happy with what you got, stick with it.