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03-07-2012, 03:51 PM
Originally Posted by talonzahn
I do have MACO Deflector and MACO Shields, but I'm using the Jem'Hadar Engine. I like the + Weapon Power and + Turn rate and I hope they are helping me, lol. I do spend alot of time weaving to keep broadsides and torps going all the time.

The main culprits I'm looking at are; Driver Coil, Flow Capacitors, and Graviton Generators. Possibly Starship Sensors, if it's not increasing the damage of my Fire on My Mark.

I could care less about Sector Space speed, I have nothing for Flow Capacitors as far as I can tell, and I rarely use my Tractor Beam.

I'll check out that link and be back!
My weapon subsystem is 125/90. If you don't have the Assimilated Console from the Assimilation mission, I recommend getting it. It gives +5 to your weapon system. I do not recommend trying to have overflow in your weapon system past 125, as it won't provide you any extra benefits.

In your skill planner, you didn't check your abilities that you use, so I checked them all and looked for the skills that had stars on them.
1) Driver Coil is only benefiting tractor beam. If you don't think you use tractor beam that much, you could ditch it.
2) Flow capacitors is only benefiting tractor beam. However, if you decide to go with a 2-piece Omega set, this is supposed to help with your Tetryon Glider damage.
3) Graviton Generators is benefiting tractor beam and fleet support. Same suggestion as the Driver Coil.
4) Starship Sensors is only benefiting Fire On My Mark. I use this ability, but I don't have any points in Starship Sensors, so I don't know how much more this skill contributes to it. However, it's pretty good on it's own.