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03-07-2012, 05:30 PM
While I will agree that some of the cries of OP are presented poorly, and without enough explanation, I have to say the players who are doing it are players that know more about the mechanics of this game than most. They are able to look at the consequences sight-unseen, because maths don't lie. When a ship can do x,y and z better than any of the alternatives, because it has the ability to equip or do more of a,b and c, it leads to certain logical conclusions.

Some of us have the ability to infer those same conclusions in the same manner and can quickly see the point that is being made by the poster. Others do not, they just see someone asking to have their new toy taken away.

I've said it before, NPC's can't equip universal consoles or change boff layouts. Players can. So, as PvPer's, we are actually AFFECTED by poorly made balance decisions and broken powers. Yes, we can benefit, but we can also suffer greatly because of them. In PvE, there are benefits to broken/op items/powers/ships, but no suffering. As a result, we look at the situations differently. PvPers see fixes and balance adjustments, PvEers see nerfs.