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03-07-2012, 06:40 PM
Originally Posted by insanegatz View Post
99% of complaints on here for nerfs are from 100% of people who dont know how to fit/boff/doff or spec their ship. These same people go into pve maps on normal and think because they own npc normals they are awesomesauce and then go into pvp expecting the same results.

Wake up, learn to build a ship and pay attention to your skills and the boffs/doffs and you may be able to function in this world.

If you are reading this and are offended then its possible you are part of the 99%. The Saurian president of the UFP is not like that American President back in the day who handed everything out to everyone. In this time and place strife, hardwork and intelligence will help you to persevere.

BTW, I am an owner of a bug ship.... it owns. To prove to others that it isnt just the ship... I conducted a test. I setup a defiant/fleet escort and a MVAM with the same setup with little exceptions due to slots and boff positions and the result was that I was able to perform just as well as the attack ship.

The problem with game isnt always the code or the devs.... 99% of the time its the user expecting to be given the golden spoon.
yeah never mind that the majority of people that post the inital balance request are well known and mostly repected people...

i think its actually 99% of the time the top players wanting to balance out the game so those of lesser understanding dont get into a one sided fight more often then they already do....

how dare we the pvp community want to try to make the game more playable and balanced for everyone. how dare we. we should be ashamed of ourselves...

btw... who are you? i've never seen you before.