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03-08-2012, 01:38 AM
Originally Posted by Raudl View Post
my idea was to give the odissey+1 a sovy skin with all the new features of the odissey: aux craft, saucer seperation... BOFF layout.

maybe that phase 2 sovy skin, which somebody posted prior.

i have to say i never thought the sovy design could be improved anyhow, but that phase 2 design is just fantastic and needs to be put ingame in any way possible.

The problem with that is that the Odyssey is called the 'space whale' by some, and those some are right. The Ody sacrifices maneuverability in favor of armor and shields. That one degree seems to be a particularly big threshold, especially when someone is using an RCS console to boost it - if I recall correctly I can coax 12 deg/sec out of my Sovereign, but can't get 10 deg/sec out of my Ody. Numerically it may be of only marginal significance, but it sure FEELS pretty different, at least to me. Note this is all with engines at 25, with the end result plus bonuses at around 50-something and a Borg engine. Plus, the Sovereign has significantly less inertia.

For power, the Ody's +20 power contribution is not spread across all three systems as with the Sovereign. Rather, it's in Aux and Shields. I would like to see the Sovereign at LEAST get the power boosts of the Excelsior, (a whopping 30 points total), with at least 1/4th of that going into the weapons. It IS an assault cruiser after all.

This doesn't touch the consoles or the BOff slots.

That said, the +1 Ody is still in production and we don't know what it's final stats will be (in any configuration), so this is all very speculative at the moment, but the Ody is a different enough beast that I doubt a reskin would be sufficient. It'd just disappoint a lot of people used to the Sovereign's subtle differences in her sharper bite and more nimble build.