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Originally Posted by Owen.Montgomery View Post
Either you misheard or that was a bit of wishful thinking. No one ever said this, not even once let alone "over and over."
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It's something that just kinda took on a life of it's own. Because the E was so much more of a "military" ship than the D was most people just assumed that the Borg were the reason for it.
Actually somewhere...god forgive me its 240 am so.mind stopped mostly but that was the reasoning..she was built with a sleeker design..given quantums as the standard choice torp and family was removed. The birg were the reasoning behind her design...else it wouldnt appear as it did in first contact anyway i think its on the dvd commentary tbh. Her station slot warranted no higher than a lt tactical tho...guess thry didnt get the memo from cryptic or used a hax to place worf at tactical to get that high yield 3.