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03-08-2012, 04:40 AM
Originally Posted by Sosuhno
Actually somewhere...god forgive me its 240 am so.mind stopped mostly but that was the reasoning..she was built with a sleeker design..given quantums as the standard choice torp and family was removed. The birg were the reasoning behind her design...else it wouldnt appear as it did in first contact anyway i think its on the dvd commentary tbh. Her station slot warranted no higher than a lt tactical tho...guess thry didnt get the memo from cryptic or used a hax to place worf at tactical to get that high yield 3.

Originally Posted by FirstAngelus View Post
Well I also had that sovi-skin idea.
You are, of course, right, the Odysee does not at all reperesent an "advanced version" of the assault cruiser in terms of stats.

But to be honest; I do not fly the Sovi because of her stats, but because of her looks, I just addapt to her stats.
A souvereign skin for the Odysee is prety much the only way to get ME to buy the Odysee. (and if the AUX craft becomes a proper scaled Defaint a fanboys dream would become true^^)
As far as I know the Aux Craft will be comparable to a Saber Class escort in size and capabilities... hardly a Defiant.

Edit: BTW, I just read the CapLogan is leaving Cryptic. This means there won't be a Venturefied version most likely as the new guy probably will bring in his own style.
He build the Chaffee shuttle.
But I hope he reads the forums and finds this thread, so he will be aware of the demand for an improved version of the Sovereign class.