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03-08-2012, 04:42 AM
I too was trying this a few days ago - could not get my Android trained by another captain. Not possible. I could get a tradable BOFF trained by another captain but not the android.

My guess is that Cryptic intended players with a certain career to have better BOFFs of the same career path. It makes sense, but that idea gets complicated with the separate feature of tradable BOFFs making it possible to optimize the other careers too... at least for the tradable BOFFs. It seems by mistake an arbitrary limitation is created on a play mechanic that since day 1 has caused much confusion and frustration.

This is a game. Confusion and frustration do not belong in an entertainment product. Cryptic, please fix this.

Another problem with obtaining BOFF skills is finding them on the Exchange. There's no way to search for skills or traits other than looking at each BOFF one by one. Having BOFFs on the exchange doesn't make sense anyway, they're people after all!

How about creating a separate "exchange" for BOFFs and DOFFs, searchable by skills and traits? Let us offer officers for reassignment (making them a candidate again) so they could be traded on this new exchange or face to face. Bound officers could then be trained by one of these traded officers.

These changes would provide the following benefits:

1. Skills obtainable by ALL BOFFs
2. Skills and traits more easily found when searchable
3. Trainable skills becomes monetized in the game
4. Something to do at VA with all those unused BOFF skill points
5. An outlet for creativity when designing new BOFFs to trade. Here's an idea, Foundry authors can create a new race for a mission and also manufacture BOFFs of that race!