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03-08-2012, 04:00 AM
I wonder what the thought process was behind making it next to completely useless. Yeah it looks cool and now effects multiple ships but it does almost nothing in terms of damage. It was one of the few tools science ships had to pump out some dps. Feedback pulse being the other.
THAT is unfortunately something that will always stand in our way - in any MMORPG.
Somewhere, somehow, there is always some dev in the devteam or whomelse who suddenly discover something in an ability. Maybe it was not intentional for Gravwell to be a sole-dmg tool all the way.
Somewhere, I'd actually like it to be a snare that also does -Defense and other debuffs -- IF IT WERE NOT SO EASY TO GET AWAY FROM IT .
Starting with AP:Omega, Engine Batteries, Evasive Manuevers - it is just too easy to run away from it. :/

I don't know about everyone else but I'd rather do significant damage to one target that insignificant damage to multiple targets.
Me too :/
On the other hand, SCI should actually be about CC, Debuffs, and all those toys with technobabble to hold enemies back but that is not the case either.

I don't know if it is worth getting vibrant about GravWell.

Then again, if Hybrid Plasma-Ruptors can get nerfed/fixed that fast, maybe we could have something done for GWell too.

The dmg is already mediocre, if not, a joke - so might as well could trade that for a real Debuff and snare, one where NOBODY can get away from that easily. Or like AP:Omega, give gravwell decent 7Debuffs .

Oh well. Let me edit the first post.