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03-08-2012, 07:12 AM
Originally Posted by Husanak View Post
There is no personal kill counter... doing dmg too someone means you will get credit for a kill if they buy it at some point in the match after you have damaged there hull. You can count the killed bys if you like... of course this isn't really all that accurate either all that means is you had the last piece of dmg needed to kill X person... so one person could have dmged them for 200k and you might have hit them with one torp for 1k and gotten the You have killed X person.

Honesty the only thing on the score board that counts for anything is the counter that counts your teams kills... if you get too 15 before they do you winz da score board.
but this is why you go by dps and a number of kills. the guy with most of the highest kills but lacking dps compared to the guy with less kills but more dps shows who is in the fight and who is running in guns blazing sweeping out the kills. like the sci who is doing sub nuke and shield stripping dropping shields so the defiant swoops in decloaks with all buffs grabs kills while maybe that sci got the guy down to 60% hp.