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As some of you may already be aware from either Twitter or the "Captain Logan's most recent tweet" thread, CapnLogan has given a 2 week notice and will be leaving Cryptic Studios to join the team over at Bungie.

As a community effort to "Send Off CapnLogan" I've suggested via Twitter that we collaborate with help from @cerberusfilms (YouTube Cerberus Films) and @chaddy18 (who will be helping with demo records) to create a YouTube video to allow all of his fans to wish him best of luck, farewell, etc...

What I would like you to do as a community please; is the following:
  1. Post a short comment that can be quoted in the video (must be appropriate).

  2. Post a link to an image of your ship to go with your quote.

  3. Give us permission to use your handle (example from @Alecto), or choose to be anonymous.

  4. Suggest scenes from in game.

  5. Suggest your own ideas.

  6. Spread the word on Twitter and use this tag #SendOffCapnLogan

Attention: You have until 03:45 PM GMT / 07:45 AM PST on the 15th of March to submit your comment and image link in this thread for the video.

You can view CapnLogan's blog here: