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03-08-2012, 10:04 AM
Originally Posted by Koraboros View Post
I have a few options right now.

Should I go with MK 12 MACO Shield + Deflector + borg engine and console? Or MK 11 Omega deflector + engines + MK 12 MACO Shield with borg console.

I'm debating about the usefulness of the tetryon glider and the targetting system upgrade with the omega set. Will the +16 be very significant? And is tet glider worth it right now with the nerf coming up? I primarily do PvE like elite stf.

It seems like I get more survivability with the MACO + borg, but omega seems to do more damage, but how much more will it do exactly?

And a side question: Would the Omega deflector+engine work well in a 8x beam boat odyssey? I might get the polarized tetryon beam banks to go along with it, would that be a good idea?

So at least right now, pre-nerf,(?) Tetryon Glider does rather more than just +16 shield damage (depends on Weapon power levels and I think Flow capacitor skill level). I personally fly an Excelsior with 7 polarized tet beams (1 DBB, 6 beam arrays) and it seems to strip shields at an impressive rate, but I'm not sure you'd need that extra damage, especially if it costs you survivability. Also, Why Maco set + Borg set? If you just get 3-piece borg with the MACO shields you can get both of the borg regen (hull and shield) passives + the MACO resilient shields. I wasn't aware that the MACO 2-piece set bonus was worth more than that.