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03-08-2012, 11:44 AM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
do they directly insult you. call you an idiot, a moron, incompetent, greedy, corrupt, swear at you, almost every day, not matter what you do. insult your intelligence, your dedication, your integrity. do you suffer constant abuse all year round?

its not their job to be abused to insulted and when they withdraw themselves for the forums? what happens. oh right they get insulted for no longer communicating. it sickens me the way some members of the forums speak to them. i find it amazing that we just say say to them they should take it and never bite back because its their job. no its not. i know this is the internet but would it kill the players to show some respect. maybe oif they stop attacking them they might get some respect back.

some of the playerbase, and it is only some, deserve to be brought back down to earth once in a while. they show no respect to them and deserve none in return. so i have no sympathy because their feelings have been hurt after the insults they fling at them.
I agree with this. If my clients were so inclined to post in a public setting with the same abusive tone and language as severe, frequent and directed to me (even going as far as personal attacks) as those around here do, it would take a lot of restraint and willpower to not lash out in the same fashion, and I would be demoralized to a point where just showing up to work would be a feat. I could very well deserve criticism or blame for things I did wrong, but I contractually answer to my employer, and I don't see how any company (outside of the gaming industry obviously) would reasonably want to do business with such abusive clients again, as they clearly are more trouble than they are worth.