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03-08-2012, 11:54 AM
Originally Posted by PyrionCelendil View Post
Here's my build. Skills on an Eng are evenly spaced out between hull and shield heals (eps1, tss1, rsf, rsp1; et1, aux2sif2, he2, mt). apo1 and ph1 for tractor breaking, tt1, bfaw2, dem1, epspt, ni (and of course apo1) for attack buffs (and shield balancing w/ tt1, which is a must for any ship tbh).

1 MK XII AP DBB, 2 MK XII AP Arrays, 1 MK XI Hargh'peng launcher up front. 3 MK XII AP Arrays, 1 MK XI Hargh'peng launcher in back. 3 borg set pieces + MK XII MACO Shield. Blue Mk XI EPS, Transwarp Computer, Mk XI Electroceramic Armor, Assimilated Module in eng slots. Blue Mk XI Biofunction Monitor, Blue Mk XI Field Generator in science. 3x +26% Antiproton Dmg consoles.
How come you have Omega, PH and HE? HE and PH share the same cooldown and PH does the same thing as Omega? May be I am missing something.