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03-08-2012, 11:58 AM
Originally Posted by Adondria
Why yes Revo, in fact I do. Every day I work, someone gives me death threats, and if its not death threats, it's threats to get me fired, or that they'll beat me up after work. So I know exactly how a high stress job is, and believe me, the dev's jobs are no where near that.
I wouldn't characterize that as a "high stress job", more like a "It's a miracle I get home everyday in one piece" situation. I gotta think you either have tuned it out (so it's no longer such a high stressor) or you are compensated very well for being in such a work environment.

Even if it is "ok" for you to take on that kind/level of stress doesn't mean it's "ok" for a different kind/level of stress for another.