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03-08-2012, 12:11 PM
Originally Posted by Intricated View Post
I wouldn't characterize that as a "high stress job", more like a "It's a miracle I get home everyday in one piece" situation. I gotta think you either have tuned it out (so it's no longer such a high stressor) or you are compensated very well for being in such a work environment.

Even if it is "ok" for you to take on that kind/level of stress doesn't mean it's "ok" for a different kind/level of stress for another.
I think there is a slight disconnect here. Being able to cope or 'tune out' high-impact stressors does not diminish their effect.

And frankly, even if you were in a high-stress job in THIS economy, if you can put food on the table and pay the rent, are you really going to risk being unemployed? Even if your job is bloody well killing you from the stress?

EDIT: Sorry, that should have been a more general 'you' not a directed 'you.' (English: How Does It Effin Work?! =) ) That's a question that has different answers for different people. I'm just trying to point out that some people may have the ability to say 'heck with this job' and get another one, while others are not in a situation where they can do that and have security. For some, loosing that security can be an even bigger stressor.