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03-08-2012, 11:14 AM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
no it really, really does matter. and that the problem.
No it absolutely doesn't matter. When you're facing the customer, or interacting with them publically, it is not a good thing to insult them or agree with others insulting them. A lot of places terminate you for doing so. It's bad customer service. It's bad business.

There's no real defense for this you can offer. It's a bad move. A really bad move. It's also not the first time a cryptic employee has done something like that. Which shows it's an acceptable form of interaction at that small company that can't seem to keep employees, hire new ones effectively, or make money.

This company is slammed for its terrible customer service. And that reputation is something they earned. Top to bottom their customer service is atrocious. Their developers will publically lash out at customers. (Stahl, Gozer and now Geko all have incidents related to this). They will stifle criticism. They will put out marketing campaigns that customers react negatively to and call scams. They will create a feedback system that is structurally a broken loop (ticket system doesn't work, no real effective way to talk to a real person to deal with issues). They utilize protocols on their forums and in their game that ignore and bury useful information, ignore and bury bug reports, they have ineffective Q&A, and they consistently try their best to milk their customers for more and more cash but offer hollow customer service and retention.

I mean really, you're going to defend something that is just one small example of a huge tapestry detailing how terrible they are at customer service.

Do you all have any real great examples of them performing great customer service?

And I have to ask, why are so many of you willing to accept bad service?