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hi all
unfortunately i'm not one that can put in hours at a time boo hoo hoo. ive looked thru postings about pvp + stf's and found some help with both but i was wondering is their a build that covers all areas PvE, PvP and STF's or is it all situational
pvp and pve set up for defiant quad cannons just got a dule beam acc x3 yes!!!!!!! and dhc on the rest of the slots. ofc back has all turrents. running omega with mako shield. as for bo powers tact team 1 beta 1 beam over load 3 omega 3 tact team 1 cannon rapid fire 1 beam over load 3 emergency power to shields 1 reverse shield polarity 1 sci team 1 polarize hull 2 i did not mention the ensign tact slot because im really not sure what to put in it and i never use it but it has target shields 1. also at times i do run target shields 3 and target engines 3. my flow is at 125 and im not sure if im in need of that skill to be that high. not sure if its doing anything extra at that point. also when i do run the drain config i take out a dhc and put in another dule beam bank. tho its only tested in stf elite in ka space doing solo with a cube and i win and dont pop, ide rather test it on a real player.

now for the vector you get 3 sci powers, same set up as the defiant and after polarized hull 2 get hazards. at this point in skill tree dont go all 9 in flow. 4 points in flow 5 points in ship rep for hazards and stick a flow console into the sci slot. remember you want to boost that tet glider. also in power settings remember to make a preset config in balanced system tab to boost your aux then switch back to either tank mode for that time being till you can get a shield boost or dps mode