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03-08-2012, 01:18 PM
This works for all ships.

When you reduce your throttle (but not to 0), your turn speed remains constant while your forward thrust goes down. If you are relatively close to your target (i.e. in firing range), this translates to a huge reduction in time it takes to face your target. If you don't reduce your speed you will end up just "orbiting" it.

In combat, I actually spend the vast majority of my time at two speed settings (for all my ships): 1/4 impulse and reverse impulse.

Related note 1: Your engine power level also affects your turn speed. Directing more power to engines still helps, even if you spend most of your time at 1/4 impulse.

Related note 2: Spending your time at 1/4 impulse isn't without disadvantages, though. Speed = defense in this game, so enemy shots will land more often.