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03-08-2012, 05:21 PM
The are not enough Klingons entering the War Zone to win the objective, we can enter, try to cloak and sit it out whilst drinking tea, or we can shoot stuff up. That's if we're not set upon immediately upon the match starting by ridiculous overwhelming numbers.

I prefer shooting stuff up, and the motivation to do so just rises exponentially when the 6 or 7 Fed ships that have spawned feet from you open fire as soon as they see a Klingon ship there at the start. That motivates the hell out of you to tear them up later and obstruct them winning as much as possible

The only fixes needed to Ker'rat is seperate spawn zones for Klingons & Federation ships, and more Klingon ships participating.

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Ganked and Open PVP don't mix. KDF make Karrat fun.
Oh and this too