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03-08-2012, 05:53 PM
Originally Posted by Lothandros
What is with all the people sitting in Kerrat AFK Farming Dil? Better yet why has this mission not been completely removed from the game until it can be re-worked to not allow for AFK farming. Also WHY are you Klingons attacking people trying to do the mission and not rolling these AFK farmers over and over. I swear if it's not one stupid thing it's another. Remove this mission already it's horribly broken. Make some kind of penalty for being ganked in Open FvF while your at it so we can deal with the farmers if you won't.

People are always going to AFK that particular zone unless Cryptic changes the way it works. Blowing them up doesn't accomplish anything since they still will get the dilithium reward through 3 rounds even if they do not respawn.

Insofar as "interfering" with the opposite faction trying to complete the objective? Hey, it is a PvP zone first and foremost, there are plenty of ways to farm dilithium ATK in PvE scenarios/instances for those who do not like it.