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Calling all Warriors!


JOIN US FOR "Klingon Awareness Week #2" (KAW #2)

The KAW #2 festivities are scheduled for Sunday, April 1st through Saturday, April 7th, 2012. The following events are recommended for *all* Klingon faction players.

All times listed for KAW #2 event activities are:
Pacific (U.S.) = PDT
Time zone conversion:

As Cryptic Studios (home of Star Trek Online) is based in Los Gatos, California, we are using their locale as the basis for the time zone selection. We appreciate your understanding.


The General Schedule (Event Calendar)

For a listing of available event activities, see this STO Forum post by Tucana:

Getting Help

Utilize this STO Forum post to ask! (The very thread you're in right now!)

News, Information and Announcements

Learn the latest about KAW #2!


@Roach--------------BOFF training
@Pantheons--------BOFF training
@MagnumStar-----STF's (will also be available for "Temple" Fleet Action)

Whether you are a brand-new KDF player, or a veteran KDF warrior, in-game help might be available!

Volunteers (and those seeking them) should meet on Drozana Station (Drozana System, Donatu Sector/Eta Eridani Sector Block), Klingon Academy (Qo'noS System, Qo'noS Sector/Omega Leonis Sector Block), or First City (Qo'noS System, Qo'noS Sector/Omega Leonis Sector Block). Anyone may be a Volunteer at any time. Please show courtesy and respect -- it's the honorable thing to do!

Meeting places (for Volunteers AND those seeking their help):

Drozana Station: The bar/restaurant section (near walls, next to bartenders).
Klingon Academy: The great hall once you leave the transporter area.
First City: Next to the bat'leth combat platform.

You can also try using the Chat window to access the "KAW2" channel.

For those who remember: Back in July 2011, STO player Powerhelm organized the original "Klingon Awareness Week." Seeing as "First Contact Day" is April 5th, I proposed that Sunday, April 1st to Saturday April 7th be "Klingon Awareness Week #2" (KAW #2).

The purpose to bring the new Free-to-Play (F2P) players to a true faction: The Klingon faction!

For one week, I, and other volunteers, will be organizing various gameplay events and would like to encourage a variety of STO players to either log into their KDF toons... or create one and give it a try.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All new players within STO begin as Federation characters. Players will be able to create a Klingon character AFTER they unlock the first sector block of Federation content. (Level 25 or higher. Average time: approximately five hours into the game. Their Klingon character will begin at a rank approximately equal to the Federation character that unlocked the content.) To participate in Klingon Awareness Week, you need to be logged in as a Klingon player.

May you have FUN during "Klingon Awareness Week #2"! Spread the word! Check out participating fan sites like and And look within this Forum thread for links to *promotional images* you can add to your website and/or sig here!

Play with Honor! Fight like a Veqlargh!