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# 103 My notes on Staaaahl mission
03-09-2012, 01:16 AM
Thanks everyone for participating! Is this the correct location for feedback to authors?
Spoilers, obviously.
Cerberus Films, you got drawn out of the hat first. Here are my promised notes on the run-through

crew gets stuck on ramp in shuttle bay to Flight Controller. Area near top right control panel has occlusion issues? Interesting map. Package located in a weird location - way off by itself. Maybe add dialog that the package is in the far corner store room, or in the back? When leaving the store room, the far side of the room disappears? Distance issue? Maybe make the area smaller? Appears and disappears, so maybe not, a distance issue.

Looks like we're stuck in a box. No shuttle map, right? Instead, drop player outside and then give update?

How do we safely get down the cliff? I guess they should have given us skis. Liked the detailed background information; minor grammatical/spelling mistakes but nothing worth commenting on. AH GEEZ, I only just now got he Stahlonians/Zyngosta joke.

Like the plant decoration in the hotel, but it seems like the rest is empty/walls are bare. Why the gratuitous sexism? No way to congratulate ensign on such a fine catch as the Admiral? Or am I missing some sort of in-joke? No bathroom in the ambassadors' quarters? Only one of my BOFFs made it to the hotel, the rest are stuck 300's of meters away; is this intentional?

Inside the cave the missing three appeared at the other end of the cave complex, and slowly made their way to me. Captain "Jalul" name keeps being used instead of my character name (did use it correctly a few times) Wow, that surprise beam down was a bit...surprising. Took me out a couple of times before I could split them up and destroy them (captain-33 on elite).

Went past the warp point after scanning/before warping, caused me some confusion. Had to circle back, and when it finally took me to warp, I was outside the warp "tunnel". Managed to get back in OK; it was a neat effect.

Asteroid waaay too hard to see into for openings. Mobs kept aggroing on me and appearing after I engaged the primary target. Died plenty..