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# 1 Looking for STF fleet
03-09-2012, 05:01 AM
Hello, I'm searching for a new fleet, preferably a heavy STF/accolade hunting fleet. I've done some looking around, but I'd like to hear some recommendations from people before making any final decisions. My main goal is to find a fleet with people who know what they're doing in elite STFs and to help me get those optional objectives.

A little about me: I'm pretty experienced with elites, but I'm sure there's more I can learn to improve my performance. I really don't dealing with fleets that require a lot of paper work, last fleet I was in had a monthly check in and a form for everything. Drove me nuts. I prefer a looser, more socially structured fleet. After I left that fleet a friend of mine and I tried forming our own, hasn't worked out too well so we've given up on that.