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03-09-2012, 04:05 AM
Originally Posted by Aldo-Raine
Good stuff. Don't heal them they might die!
You said that !
Not my words exactly.

I will justify, just for trolls sake and since I have breaktime.

This is neither Eve Online where a Healship can stop an onslaught nor the old days where EngiTeam could acually heal a lot on the HPbar. Sure, Engiteam III + SIF consoles + Cruiser may do much a lot more, but if you see a wave of torps coming in and the shieldarc is down, chances are he will die instantly - with or without your heal.
Also, time and again, lag fails the attempt to heal when the pwnhammer is on such buddy. You see that he's worth healing (while loads of incoming dps will assure his death) - You toss a heal but it happens to be a self-heal instead of beefing his HP.

The only thing I`ve seen working instead of Engiteam was TT on buddy + something that heals Shield HP (TSS, Extend Shields -- Sci Captain Fleet buff for instance). If that works, HE3 you go .

Let`s not forget medical selection of triage.
After playing medic builds most of the time, you develop a sense for that.

That does not apply to ground pvp, as not everybody is a healer (no matter how many hyposprays you jam down your throat). On ground, not everybody uses the specific medic-orientated kits.

You need to know if you can actually save that person's arse- because you're next.

PUG is one thing - some major competative Premade vs Premade/ESPL/E-sport thing is another.

Don`t forget that ever since F2P/hello PW; everybody is a medic of his own.
Plus, it is not like back then where Sci Team III was the only way to remove Viral Matrix III.